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Data-Feeder has been designed to be simple; the first step is to contact Data-Feeder for a no obligation assessment of the current specification of the host website and its database, or if it’s a new property website or portal under development, perhaps think to contact Data-Feeders parent company for design, programming and management of the whole project? 

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Data-Feeder Automated Datafeed Generator Brings Results - Easily & Quicly!

Whatever the type of database, be it Oracle, SQL, Sybase, posgres, Access, DB2, MYSQL, sqlite, perl, align etc. it can be configured to FTP it’s native information to be reconfigured by the Data-Feeder system into an ADF, XML, BLM file, with the precise output specification and all Zip filed compactly ready for the Rightmove ADF FTP, Zoopla FTP or any of the other property portals or advertising sites out there to receive with open arms! 

Today for property agents it’s all about visibility and searchability – so it’s essential to upload property data reliably and regularly to Rightmove, Zoopla group etc. – and to know automatically when there is an issue, and a property has been missed from the upload so it can be corrected rapidly. With the sharp increase in mobile access to property portals and the automated alerts this brings for suitable properties, the sooner details for a property are successfully loaded and displayed the quicker a sales lead is generated, before somebody else does. Property details synchronisation from agency website to portals has never been more important. 

This probably sounds complicated or mysterious, and it can be, so it’s a good thing that Data-Feeder has a team of experts ready and able to look after the process, gaining time, and results, quickly. 

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