The Automated Datafeed Generator


The Data-Feeder Team

How the Data-Feeder Team can help you.Developed by the experienced team at to simplify the process for agencies, website designers, developers and directly with the development teams at larger estate agencies, Data-Feeder offers a fully automated data feed ( ADF ) Cloud Based SaaS, simplifying the implementation of compatible FTP uploading of properties in a database to the majority of the UK's main property portals, third party technology providers, Facebook and Twitter.

Having subscribed to the portals in the normal way (subject to their individual membership and advertising conditions) the Data-Feeder team does an assessment of your property website and then expertly configures the uploading of your property website database at pre scheduled intervals to the Cloud based Data-Feeder service. The data stream generator processes and prepares the data automatically to the required specification and connects via FTP to the portals selected. The Data-Feeder team manage and test the activation of the datafeed, Zoopla, etc. to ensure the service is running smoothly and that properties are displaying correctly and automatically across the designated networked property portals.

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