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Frequently Asked Questions - Partner Program

What kind of margin is offered for Resellers through the Data-Feeder Partner Program? 

Data-Feeder Resellers receive anywhere from 15% to 35% discount off of Data-Feeder list price, depending on the type of agreement in place. 

How do I sign up for the Partner Program? 

Potential candidates for Data-Feeder Resellers can apply through our online contact form here. Our Sales department will review the application, and typically get back to you within 5 business days regarding status of approval and options for joining the program. 

Are there any up-front financial commitments for becoming a Data-Feeder Reseller? 

Data-Feeder partners with firms who are dedicated to helping the reseller program be a success; therefore, we do require certain up-front commitments from all approved Resellers. Prepayment structures may vary depending on the type of agreement in place, but all prepayments are completely applicable towards pre-purchase licenses that can be sold at the Reseller’s individually set price point. 

Do you offer rebranding options for Partners? 

As a Data-Feeder Reseller, you have the option to ‘white label’ (or rebrand) our software under your branding so your customers see no discrepancies in the services you provide. Resellers who elect to implement this bonus feature and supply us with compatible CSS will receive an extra 7% discount off of Data-Feeder list prices in addition to their base discount. 

How are my customers (and commissions) tracked? 

All data regarding your Data-Feeder Reseller account is tracked through our Partner Portal. When you register for an account, a profile is automatically created in our system. Once approved, you can log in to the Partner Portal to view your license inventory, track customer purchases, and develop commission reports. 

What kind of support do you offer Resellers? 

Each Data-Feeder Reseller has a dedicated account manager; typically the same individual who negotiates and approves your Reseller status. This point-of-contact is available to direct enquires to the appropriate internal resources as needed for support, whether questions are technical, creative or administrative in nature. Or internal departments work together to provide the support necessary to ensure your program is a success. 

What kind of security and uptime guarantee does Data-Feeder have? 

Data-Feeder’s SLA includes a 99.5% uptime guarantee, and whenever possible, we will notify partners 24 hours in advance of any necessary system downtime. Data-Feeder offers security that few other service providers match on the Rapid Switch network and independent network testing site rates Rapid Switch as having the third fastest network in the world, second fastest in Europe, and fastest in the UK. Rapid switch offer a 100% uptime service level agreement. 

Our servers are monitored and backed up 24x7 and are in a secure data centre in Canary Warf London Rapid Switch has long been recognised as having an industry-leading network full details are available at 

In addition to owning and managing our own servers we also manage and run over 40 servers for a multi-national corporate financial giant. 

What are the key benefits of Data-Feeder’s product over competition? 

What competition? Data-Feeder are the clear market leaders for a cloud based data feed handling, preparation and despatching. 

Many website designers and programmers have always outsourced the specialised programming required to enable FTP uploading of datafeeds to, Zoopla etc. There are a number of advantages that make Data-Feeder’s Automated Datafeed (ADF) to BLM XML V3.3 V3i or V4n Cloud Based SaaS software unique and the preferable choice. 

What sets us apart from alternatives is our combination of specialised expertise, the ease-of-use, ease-of-implementation and performance stability. In these days of automated alerts corresponding to pre-set client filters, by tweets, text or email, losing one sale or letting because of a late or missed listing to one of the major property portals because of an ADF failure would inevitably cost money in lost agency commissions. Having the Data-Feeder SaaS Cloud based ensures that compatibility to property portals is maintained, monitored and updated remotely and continuously, allowing the host website programming and databasing of the raw information to remain static and stable to minimise changes to the code, or the staff training that would be required with constant interface updates. All updates to Data-Feeder are managed incrementally in conjunction with the portals themselves. Data-Feeder are partnered to all the major Property Portals, who automatically inform of scheduled changes to ensure its automatic compatibility. 

Using Data-Feeder will probably cost less or the same as calling on an experienced Automated Datafeed (ADF) to BLM XML V3.3 V3i or V4n programming specialist to set up a property website once and “statically”. 

The clear advantage of using the experienced Data-Feeder specialist team is knowing for certain that the initial setup will be handled efficiently, with the added advantage of the guarantee of forward compatibility, automatically built into the cloud based concept of the operation.